About us


The Board of European Students of Technology, known as BEST, was born in 1989 as an international, apolitical and non-profit organisation. It is entirely made up of European university students, of technology and science degrees, who have voluntarily committed themselves to taking part in both the improvement of education and in the personal development of students in Europe.

Empowering diversity and developing students’ skills are our two main goals. In order to achieve them, we organise different events throughout the year, where we look for the students to put into practice their theoretical knowledge, learn and reach their maximum potential in a multicultural and international environment. 

As of today, BEST is formed by 97 local groups spread out in 34 countries. This structure holds thanks to the effort of 3500 students who know well the structural framework of the university community, which allows them to reach a target group of one and a half million students.


EBEC, standing for European BEST Engineering Competition, is the largest competition organised in the organisation at the moment. It follows a pyramid structure with 3 levels and two categories (Case Study and Team Design), both of them team-based. Every year there are more than 80 LBGs organising the competition locally, meaning the big majority of the organisation is contributing to it.



BEST Courses are events in which participants attend lectures given by the university’s teaching staff or by experts from companies. At the end of the course students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants’ success. The event is aimed to provide new knowledge or skills for participants and is also taught by professional people.


A BEST Symposium on Education lasts usually 10 days and involves approximately 22 students and companies representatives delivering the content or engaging in the discussions. The goal is to approach the perspectives of the three stakeholders in education (students, companies and universities) through the continuous exchange of opinions and experience.



The BEST Career Centre is the only online service provided by the organisation with an international reach. The set of tools present in it make it possible for students and companies to get closer to each other and/or interact without the need of travelling. That way, the international opportunities are brought to the students’ own houses for them to benefit and our partners can have a bigger reach.

BEST Valladolid

BEST Valladolid is the local group of BEST in Valladolid university, and it was founded in 1994.

During these 25 years of existence, we have worked with a constant goal: to use all our faith, emotion and enthusiasm in everything we do, to achieve that our projects are a complete success. BEST Valladolid is a group that has always looked for big goals and challenges, and we are always prepared for even bigger ones.

Our local group has around 30 active members from different university degrees, which provides a big variety of points of view when facing the projects. We are all students, and dedicate a part of our free time in BEST to propel ourselves towards the vision that every member of the association shares.

Our Projects